Biblical Polygamy

In the Bible, Proven by Scripture

Polygamy Links


Truth Bearer . org
is the premiere organization for Christian polygamy.

Pro-Polygamy . com
sends out current-events news-alerts to the media and others. Supporters may also sign up for list there.

Christian Polygamy . INFO
gives terminology definitions, explains what Christian Polygamy is and is not, and gives the history of the new movement of Christian Polygamy.

Polygamy Day . com
is the non-religious non-profit corporation promoting the annual official day, Polygamy Day ™ is August 19

Pro-Polygamy . NET
offers the exclusive Pro-Polygamy Passport ™. Any true supporter must have one.

Love Not Force . com
provides the Standard of Christian Polygamy, which is about truly loving wives.

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Biblical Polygamy . com
Polygamy really is BiblicalSM